Education in Benin

The education system of Benin is based on the French education model and follows the '6 plus 4 plus 3' approach. This means 13 years of school education is the minimum requirement when youth gets access to college for higher education. Education is compulsory for children 6 to 11 years old and the school education is free. 

The duration of primary schooling is 6 years. After primary schooling the student is promoted to Middle School of 4 year duration; like primary schools, middle schools also teach general academic syllabus. At the completion of middle schooling, students write brevet d’etudes du premier cycle, this is equivalent to ‘O’ Level examination.

Senior high schools in Benin ask for certificates in O Level examination i.e. d’etudes du premier cycle for admission. The duration of senior high school is three years. After completion of senior high school students appear for baccalaureate examination; this makes a basis to university entry. Also many students choose to join vocational schools; these schools train human resources for the demand of urban cities in different skill areas. In vocational schools the dual apprenticeship system is in practice where the theoretical curriculum is replaced by apprenticeship training.

The education system in Benin runs as follows

  • Primary school: 6 years
  • Junior high school: 4 years
  • Senior high school: 3 years
  • Bachelor's degree: 3 years
  • Master's degree: 4 years

Some of the notable high schools in Benin are -

  • High School of Gbegamey
  • High School of St Rita
  • High School of Dantokpa
  • High School of Akpakpa
  • Lycee Behanzin
  • Lycee Toffa
  • High School of Lokossa
  • High School of Houffon
  • High School of Mathieu Bouquet (Borgou)
  • High School of CEG1 Natitingou (Atakora)
  • High School of Djougou (Donga)
Higher education in Benin is offered through different colleges, universities and institutes. Various study disciplines are offered at undergraduate, graduate and research level studies.
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